IP65U – USED 67 cavity 4.75″ deep Tray


These are USED. USED products are not cleaned or sterilized. They may have media residue on them. Sold “As Is” full pallet only.

Heavy weight plastic IPL Rigi-pots tray.

Located in Lakeland, Florida

300 trays per pallet (2 pallets in stock)

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$975.00 Pallet
Item Number: IP65U
Case Sizes
300 items per Pallet

Usage Description

IP65U – USED 67 cavity 4.75″ deep Tray usage

Used for growing citrus liner seedlings from seed for transplanting to larger pots. Also used for growing conifer seedlings from seed.


Cavities per tray 67
Diameter (in.) 1.3
Depth (in.) 4.75
Length (in.) 14.0
Width (in.) 8.75
Height (in.) 4.75
Volume Cu. (in.) 4