NEW PP60T – 60 cavity Air Pruning Tray


The Pioneer Pot ™ encourages plant production of absorbent and structural roots to promote a well developed rootball and  vigorous plant.
• Promotes fibrous, evenly distributed root growth that extends radially from the stem and laterally on taproot species.
• Allows for good drainage and minimizes root defects.

These are NEW. They have been stored out side and may have a dust residue on them. Sold “As Is”.

$36.00 $44.25 Case
Item Number: PP60T
Case Sizes
15 items per Case
288 items per Pallet


Cavities per tray 60
Diameter (in.) 1.75
Depth (in.) 3.0
Length (in.) 19.5
Width (in.) 11.9
Height (in.) 3.5
Volume Cu. (in.) 5.7