D40L – 2.7 x 10″ Deepot Cell


Deepots are used for a wide range of native plants, hardwoods and other tree seedlings.  All are an excellent choice for plant material requiring a deep root ball.

Deepots allow seedlings to be spaced out or consolidated for sorting and maximizing growing density.

Cells Per Tray:

D20T – 20

N25T – 25

$184.00 CaseA
Item Number: D40L
Case Sizes
800 cells items per CaseA
200 items per CaseB
40 items per Pack

Quantity Discount
Buy 4-13 cases for $176.00 per case
Buy 14-39 cases for $168.00 per case
Buy +40 cases for $152.00 per case

Usage Description

D40L – 2.7 x 10″ Deepot Cell usage

Used for growing deep tap rooted tree and shrub plants for restoration.

EX: Willow, Maple, Grass, Cycad, Oak, etc.

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Cells per case 800
Diameter (in.) 2.7
Depth (in.) 10
Volume Cu. (in.) 40
Volume ml 656

What You May Need

D20T Deepot Tray

D20T - Support Tray for all 2.5" & 2.7" Deepot Cell

Item Number: D20T

Support tray good for use with all 2.5 inch Deepot cells.

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N25T Deepot Tray

N25T - Support Tray for 2.7" Deepot Cells

Item Number: N25T

Support tray for most 2.7 inch Deepot cells. Not recommended for D60L & D60H cells. Ships flat.  3/4" PVC pipe legs are not included.

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