4 x 14″ Tall One Tree Pots


These tall tree pots are excellent for budding, grafting and starting larger seedlings.

Treepot Per Tray:

TRAY10 – 9

$128.10 CaseA
Item Number: TP414
Case Sizes
210 pots items per CaseA
105 pots items per CaseB
60 pots items per CaseC
6650 pots items per Pallet

Quantity Discount
Buy 5-9 cases for $123.90 per case
Buy 10-22 cases for $121.80 per case
Buy +23 cases for $119.70 per case

Usage Description

4 x 14″ Tall One Tree Pots usage

Used to grow Citrus trees, Orange, lemon, lime. Native trees for restoration, willows, oaks, cottonwood. conifer seedlings, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Cedar, Pondarosa Pine. Trees up to 3/4″ in diameter


Pots per case 210
Width (in.) 4
Height (in.) 14
Volume gallons .8
Volume liters 2.83

What You May Need



Item Number: TRAY10

Flats and Trays are made of high-density plastic and resist ultraviolet light. 5/8'' Square shaped mesh bottom

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