CP512CH – 5 x 12″ Treepot with corner holes


Treepots are excellent for budding, grafting and starting larger seedlings.

Treepot Per Tray:

TRAY7 – 6

$140.40 CaseA
Item Number: CP512CH
Case Sizes
216 items per CaseA
90 items per CaseB
32 items per CaseC
3264 items per Pallet

Quantity Discount
Buy 4-7 cases for $136.08 per case
Buy 8-14 cases for $133.92 per case
Buy +15 cases for $129.60 per case

Usage Description

CP512CH – 5 x 12″ Treepot with corner holes usage

Used for growing Citrus trees, Orange, lemon, lime, Mandarin, budded or grafted trees as well as ponderosa pines.


Pots per case 216
Length (in.) 5
Width (in.) 5
Height (in.) 12
Volume gallons 1.3
Volume liters 5

What You May Need


TRAY7 - 10.75 x 15.75 x 7.5" TRAY

Item Number: TRAY7

Flats and Trays are made of high-density plastic and resist ultraviolet light. 5/8'' Square shaped mesh bottom Use the TRAY7 with the TRAY7I if you would like to space out your 4" pots.

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