MT45T – MT45 Blueberry Pot 15 Pocket Tray


Mini-Treepot Trays allow for good drainage and resist ultraviolet light.

Pocket Tray holds 15 pots.

$174.25 CaseA
Item Number: MT45T
Case Sizes
41 items per CaseA
20 items per CaseB
10 items per CaseC

Quantity Discount
Buy 2-5 cases for $168.10 per case
Buy 6-13 cases for $164.00 per case
Buy +14 cases for $159.90 per case

Usage Description

MT45T – MT45 Blueberry Pot 15 Pocket Tray usage

Pocket Tray for MT45


Length (in.) 21.6
Width (in.) 13.25
Height (in.) 2.5

What You May Need

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