FT165 – 165 cavity 5″ deep Forestry Tray


Forestry trays are heavy weight, making them an economical choice for starting tree seedlings with nurseries and forestry companies. Their reusability and durability is a cost savings factor to be considered.

  • Smooth walled cavities for easy seedling extraction and cleaning
  • Internal vertical root training ribs to prevent root spiraling
  • Bottom drain holes for good drainage and air root pruning

Trays can be set on benches or “T” rails.



$50.10 CaseA
Item Number: FT165
Case Sizes
3 items per CaseA
1 items per CaseB


Cavities per tray 165
Diameter (in.) 1.4
Depth (in.) 5
Length (in.) 26.5
Width (in.) 13.5
Volume Cu. (in.) 5.5
Volume ml 90