Ray Leach Fir Cell Classic


Ray Leach Fir Cell “Cone-tainer” single cell system.

Post Industry – Pre-consumer recycled  polypropylene plastic.

Cells Per Tray:

RL200 tray –  200

$315.00 Case
Item Number: RLC3R
Case Sizes
2100 cells items per Case
400 items per Pack

Usage Description

Ray Leach Fir Cell Classic usage

Used for growing smaller trees seedling and native plants. Also use for growing grasses.


Cells per case 2100
Diameter (in.) 1
Depth (in.) 4.25
Volume Cu. (in.) 3.0
Volume ml 49

What You May Need

Ray Leach Cone-tainer tray RL200

Ray Leach Cone-tainer Tray - RL200

Item Number: RL200

Support tray to be used with the 1 inch Ray Leach "cone-tainer" single cell system.  

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