SL100-5 Rootrainer® Hundreds Book


Spencer Lemaire “Rootrainer” Book System

Books per Tray:

SL360T tray – 10

Advantages of seedling accessibility:

• Easier seedling extraction for tender, less rooted plants, like native plants.

• Easily measure physical conditions such as root growth and soil moisture.

• Inspect plants without disturbing them.

• Rootrainers lay flat and nest tightly together for cost efficient shipping.

$268.00 Case
Item Number: SL100-5
Case Sizes
400 books items per Case


Cavities per book 5
Books per case 400
Diameter (in.) 1.4 x 1
Depth (in.) 4.25
Length (in.) 7.6
Width (in.) 1.4
Volume ml 80
Volume cubic inch 4.8

What You May Need