Legs for TRAY6 to raise up off the ground.

When ordering TRAY6 the Tray Leg together in large quantities, we can attach legs at no extra charge.

Each TRAY6 will need 4 legs if you want to suspend the tray.

$24.60 Case A
Item Number: T6LEG
Case Sizes
80 items per Case A
40 items per Case B

Quantity Discount
Buy 5-12 cases for $23.80 per case
Buy 13-27 cases for $23.00 per case
Buy +28 cases for $22.20 per case


Length (in.) 1
Width (in.) 1
Height (in.) 1

What You May Need

15.75" TRAY6

TRAY6 - 15.75" Square Tray

Item Number: TRAY6

Flats and Trays are made of high-density plastic and resist ultraviolet light. 5/8'' Square shaped mesh bottom

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